Thursday, November 25, 2010



Having been in the biz over 18 going on 19 years! Rik Burton is in a class on by himself! Starting old Burt Pretence group in OMW better know as Ozark Mountain Wrestling!

Burton has come one of his own train by The legendary Dirty Little Dave and Midnight Special both also appeared with OMW! Rik Burton started as Slick Rik Burton! For a few years he was that then he more enticing gimmick that was put on him by OMW was S.F. TREAT which he done for over a dozen years or better!

He wrestled full time with the group for years until the shut down! Then there for a while he floated Not until he met up with me he has found more success a single wrestler and a tag we both were in the group The Treat Connection! We travel all over the Midsouth from West TN' Arkansas' MO' Mississippi and other location! Having deep success everywhere!

Back in 2008 S.F TREAT and Loose Cannon run as the Treat Connection ended as S.F.Treat would go back to his original gimmick of Rik Burton and the rest is history! Burton has held numerous title from Singles to tags!

By far I always thought S.F. Treat was the better gimmick but once I saw the Rik Burton gimmick in its entirety I would change my mind! Burton has been on numerous regional TV shows off and on threw the years!

Recently he was involve in a car accident but said to be OK! Weather its Slick Rik Burton or S.F Treat or back to Rik Burton he has shown me and other he is a asset to any indy group the only thing has escape him is making the big time he has the size the height and experience to make the big time!

Cannon's Fire proudly present Rik Burton in HOF Class of 2010!!!


Best known as All American Frankie Tucker! He got his start in the original MCW which was Moondog Championship wrestling which later on and now is Midsouthern Championship Wrestling!

Train by the late Great Moondog Spot Frankie Tucker came into his own with skills as a wrestling and the interaction with his fans and Frankie has been on both sides of the fence as Mr. GET Back Frankie Tucker he has held numerous titles and has done some traveling but Midsouthern well always have his heart and soul!

Also a great tag partner his chops to the chest are legendary in the ring this man has the total package great skills a good look and sound wrestling I put him in the ring with anybody!

Cannon's Fire proudly presents Frankie Tucker in class of 2010 HOF!

Chris Steel

Chris Steel has been in the business since the 90's starting off as Ref in OMW aka. Ozark Mountain Wrestling which started back in the mid 90's. Chris style was unique in many ways although he wasn't much in size but? Chris Steel followed his dreams and later on became a wrestler!

He don the gimmick as a rocker as a great lite weight after OMW folded Chris Steel traveled around with a partner who went by Midevil and they tour some feds and ended up in MCW which at the time was Moondog Wrestling which is now Midsouthern Wrestling in Osecola'Arkansas which is run on Friday nights for last 15 plus years!

Chris Steel reached he best frame in RWA Royal Wrestling Alliance which was a few years ago and that company also are now not in business] Chris Steel formed With Loose Cannon and Rottnrandy which became The Original CCR in Jonesboro' Arkansas in which he has best run let to date! Since then the group has split but you never know never say never the popularity was crazy with CCR as Chris Steel and I were the most ask workers on the roaster by the fans!

Since then Chris Steel was on injury and now has fully recover and now is back in Midsouthern Wrestling and is wrestling singles again. Cannon's Fire proudly inducts Chris Steel in Cannon's Fire Hall of Fame!

Hambones 1 & 2

Quite possible the most underrated tag team of all time there nothing fancy about theses 2 men they are not high flyers or chain wrestlers just simply brawlers all the way threw and threw! The Leader Leroy Hambone started his career over 30 years ago mostly wrestled in Missouri area now wrestled threwout the Midsouth his son Pedrow also one half of The Hambones has also been around a while both men bring what they can to the table in the square circle!

Both have held tag team championships threw out the Misdsouth and the signature Huge Hambones they bring to the ring is the weapons of choice to them both ruff and tuff both men are a force to be recoken with. Cannon's Fire proudly inducts them into.The Cannon's Fire Hall of Fame!

Christie Ricci

By ' Far one of the most gifted women's wrestler around! Although being snub by WWE and TNA! I know they have miss the boat on this young lady! Having been in biz for nearly a decade what she brings to the table is allot of things!

Not only she is ATHLETIC' BEAUTIFUL she brings skills most don't know that are in the biz now big or small feds. Christie is the most gifted female performer around!

I should know I been in the ring with her on several occasions! I remember one of our most memorable match was in Tupelo' MS in mid 2003. In front of couple thousand fans it was if I lost I had to wear a dress on regional TV for a month in the end I lost and wore that horrible dress on TV for a month!

She has had classic matches with ODB and Tracy Brooks and Ms Tasha! Standing a height of 5'10 she is one of the taller workers around she been to Mexico on several tours and has wrestle threw out the Midsouth and the USA!

I have had to pressure of knowing Christie for almost 10 years although we don't see each other allot! But I really admire her as a worker and now as a mother!

If promoters want a great women's worker its her Cannon's Fire proudly inducts Christie Ricci aka MS. Queen to Cannon's Fire HOF!